I want to be alone

Some days ago, my city, Shiraz (It is the fifth most populous city of Iran) was snowy as everywhere and everything had thoroughly become white. I decided to take some photos of silent places, snowy sceneries and solitude of things. It is my belief that a metaphoric account in photography can describe the standpoint of a photographer (or artist) better than showing postulate expressly. Because some scenes of this series were in the midnight and were not seen, I was forced to use of shooting long exposure. In this manner,the lost places locating under the cover of night enter into the world of images. It's an amazing moment for me in photography. As I mentioned earlier, first I only wanted to take a few photos of places and things but when I was photographing, I saw a man (the last photo of this series) standing next to the garden wall and seeing snow, therefore I changed my main intent! He stood as road sings and he was completely mum as snow hills. Suddenly he saw me, but he didn't show any reaction. I spoke with him in order that I could communicate with him. Yet he didn't tell anything. He just told me that he "wanted to be alone". I photographed him as the other "objects". 

















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