‌The Children

Once, my friends and I had gone to Maharlu Lake (it is a salt lake located 27 kilometres southeast of Shiraz, Iran). Before our going to there, the lake was very dry, but that day when we saw it, was full of water owing to rainfalls a few days back. I’ve also taken some photographs of its pervious thirsty situation. (You can watch them here) In Iran, some lakes are drying by human and environmental ingredients. I found that the children had a sensible relation to the lake. While their parents were talking about (probably!) unvalued things, they indicated the most magnificent response to the effervescence of the lake by playing next to it. Those scenes seemed as salient “spectacles” thus I decided to only photograph the children. Already I knew that Ancient Iranians believed that “water” is one of the holiest of natural ingredients. When I was taking these photographs of them, I visualized a near relation between the pure spirit of the children with the holiness of the “water”. 










یکشنبه ۱۳٩۱/۱٢/۱۳ نویسنده: امید امیدواری